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3 Answers

Click Counter for Email Ad?

Asked by: Mike Cherichetti 579 views User Questions


We will be including simple ads in emails we send out to subscribers.

Does AdvertPRO/AdvertSERVE have a counting function that we can attach to the link, so all clicks will be counted?

If no, do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,


3 Answers

  1. on Oct 13, 2005

    No, AdvertPRO can’t be used as just a click counter. You can serve GIF/JPG ads into HTML e-mail and count both views and clicks though. Serving text or HTML ads requires the use of JavaScript or IFRAME, which most e-mail clients do not allow.

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  2. on Oct 14, 2005

    Our initial plan is to have one gif/jpg ad per day placed in an html email. An “advertiser-of-the-day” approach. I am not exactly sure how this is done, but basically we will manually place the ad in a file. Then, that ad will be placed in all emails sent that day: say up to 10,000 emails.

    [We will use the same approach for one text ad per day placed in a text email.]

    Can you scope out for me how complicated it is to “serve GIF/JPG ads into HTML e-mail” vs the entry level approach we’re planning?

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  3. on Oct 15, 2005

    With HTML e-mail you are really placing the ads statically. Meaning that the ad is going to rotate with other ads. Given those conditions, the thing to do is to use the HTML banner code wizard to generate code for a specific campaign or media. The generated code is going to contain SCRIPT and IFRAME tags though, so you need to remove all of those and use this part of the code:

    http://www.example.com/advertpro/servlet/click/zone?zid=7&pid=0&lookup=true&position=1“ target=”_top”>
    http://www.example.com/advertpro/servlet/view/banner/image/zone?zid=7&pid=0&position=1“ height=”600″ width=”120″ hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″ border=”0″ alt=”Click Here!”>


    You can simply extract that code from inside of the <NOSCRIPT> … part of the generated code.

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