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3 Answers

Display Multiple Ads

Asked by: rembrant 501 views User Questions

While using the code wizard on your demo site, I am attempting to generate output code to display 4 banners from a single zone by checking the display multiple ads box with the appropriate settings.

Instead I see a single ad for the zone that will rotate thru all six available ads.

I tried this with image banners, and then went back and created html banners that referenced the graphics with the same result.

What common things will prevent multiple ads from displaying???

3 Answers

  1. on Nov 01, 2005

    Do you have all 6 ads in the same campaign? You have to put them in each in their own campaign. The ad server rotates by campaign, not by media.

    Also, the number of ads you choose to display is not a hard limit. It’s more like a target/maximum. Rather than display duplicate ads, the ad server will simply display less ads if there aren’t enough unique campaigns to fill all positions.

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  2. rembrant on Nov 02, 2005

    Yes, multiple campaigns did fix the issue. However, what is the science behind requiring a user to create a campaign for each ad? This feels like a work around. If I ever had to go back and change campaign rates I could potentially have to change hundreds of campaigns.

    Is there a way to do multiple ads from a single campaign without duplicates? Or any multiple ad rotation with out creating multiple campaigns?

    I did notice that if I simply put the code on the page 4 times and had 6 banners in a single campaign I never got a duplicate.

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  3. on Nov 02, 2005

    Well, zones are used to rotate campaigns, so that’s why the display multiple ads option does what it does. Some people may not want to display two media from the same advertiser at the same time. They could do that by putting them both in the same campaign. Rotating media instead of campaigns would make that impossible to do, so we really can’t change the way things work now.

    You could put a single code in a page 4 times. Once more traffic starts mixing up the rotation index, you will start to see duplicates though. Try testing with two pages, one that has 4 ads and another than has 3 ads and you’ll see what happens.

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