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2 Answers

Zone reporting

Asked by: lisat5 473 views User Questions

We need to generate a report on all zones and the impressions generated for each. The zone report I find only shows me the top 10 which isn’t very helpful to us, and I don’t see a customization option for showing all/more zones – can you tell me how to get a report of impressions served on all zones?

The report I’m running is Reports > Inventory > Zone
(Additionally, I don’t believe the information contained in this report is accurate as our top zones that perform way higher than those in the “top 10″ are not listed.)

2 Answers

  1. on Nov 06, 2005

    Inventory reports show figures for default delivery. They show how much unused inventory you had in various zones. While the graph only shows the top 10 zones, if you scroll down the spreadsheet lists all of your zones.

    The report you want to generate is a general summary report. That’s the default report that comes up when you first go to reports. If you click on the “Edit” link at the top right of the report overview, you can customize the report to only include a summary of zones or change the date range if needed.

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  2. lisat5 on Nov 07, 2005

    Fantastic – thanks for your help.

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