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Cookie Probing

Asked by: Mike Cherichetti 538 views User Questions

We build a web page including banners inserted using AdvertServe. The page source code is then grabbed to serves as the code for our email newsletter. We also simplify the code. A typical sample follows:

http://circuit.advertserve.com/advertpro/servlet/click/zone?zid=61&pid=1&lookup=true&position=1″ target=”_blank”>
http://circuit.advertserve.com/advertpro/servlet/view/banner/image/zone?zid=61&pid=1&position=1″ height=”300″ width=”160″ hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″ border=”1″ alt=”Advertisement”>

Some of our email subscribers, depending on their email server setup or other setting, may not see banners. I see information about cookie probing in the support pages. Can you explain further what cookie probing is? Would the cookie probing setting have an effect on banners being displayed? Should we have it disabled or enabled? Is there anything else we should do to maximize the number of banners that will display in our email newsletter?


1 Answers

  1. on Feb 12, 2006

    The cookie probing feature only works for dynamic and window media. It tests to make sure the user is accepting cookies. Otherwise frequency capping will not work to limit exposures.

    I guess one problem could be that circuit.advertserve.com isn’t in the subscriber’s “safe” domains list in their e-mail client.

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