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Dynamic Media

Asked by: RPM 466 views User Questions

The dynamic media type is “Designed specifically for floating layer ads and full-page overlays,” according to the manual. Is there any way to create floating layer ads from within the system? For example, if an advertiser gives me an image file or URL, is there any way to convert this to a dynamic media (and thus campaign and zone) for me to give to a publisher? Basically, since popups are disappearing quickly due to popup blockers, we are looking for a way to continue monetizing by providing unblockable popups.

1 Answers

  1. on Mar 04, 2006

    No, AdvertPRO doesn’t have the facility to design the layer behavior for you. That is something we are planning to add in one of the next releases though. Until then, you have to create your own HTML to display the layer.

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