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Reducing ad code

Asked by: Chris_Bridges 452 views User Questions

We’re just starting to replace our existing ad code with AdvertPro code. However, on our section fronts we have 10, 11 ads per, which is really going to add up. Is it possible to reduce the code to just a hrefs and img tags on those ad positions where we know we won’t be using rich media? We’ve got the server power, an extra drag won’t be a problem.
But does that affect the reporting?

1 Answers

  1. on Mar 22, 2006

    Yes, removing the JavaScript that inserts random numbers into the URLs within the ad codes will affect reporting. It is in place to prevent browsers from caching the ads. When the browser loads an ad from its cache, the ad server can’t count that impression.

    What I recommend you do is check the “Dynamic JavaScript” option when generating banner codes. That will give you a shorter code that omits IFRAME tags and duplication of A/IMG tags. All of the other media types (dynamic, text link, popups) already use a really short JavaScript code, so you can’t improve those at all.

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