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Asked by: ernes 486 views User Questions

Generating reports is quite important.
And current implementation is way to minimalistic >:(

Some facts:
- Precision of reports is not always adequate
- Much of possibilities are hidden (yet to be implemented – I hope)

When you generate HTML report, save it and edit it and change line:
from to you get Line Chart graph representation instead Bar chart!
Very valuable for presenation. ::)

Look at:
for all posibilites
* class com.objectplanet.chart.BarChartApplet
* class com.objectplanet.chart.LineChartApplet
* class com.objectplanet.chart.PieChartApplet

when you generate HTML/PDF/EXCEL report no chart graph are generated.
But in modern economy right picture is much more valuable than 1000 of statistical words. 8)
So please implement graphic output genearator from “com.objectplanet.chart.ChartApplet” Applet useing
“class com.objectplanet.chart.ChartServlet” Look at http://www.objectplanet.com/easycharts/

Considering usage of line chart graph, than it would be reasonable to present more accurate statistics.
For example: showing hourly statistic for all campaigns in selected zone on same graph! :P etc…
Top 10 bars is almost useless for real work :(

For example: if you would like to see complete hourly/daily statistic
for selected zone and mesure efficency/accuracy of AdvertPro serving facilities. When looking at serving your comercial ad campaigns and your unpaid inventory ads statistics. You can’t see this from generated reports.

3 Answers

  1. on Mar 22, 2006

    1. Honestly, we didn’t think the line chart was as readable. That’s why we chose to stick with the bar chart. I’ll add using the line charts and pie charts to our list of suggestions.

    2. You should actually get a graph with the HTML format. Maybe you unchecked the box for the data used in the graph in the report options. Anyway, we have it on our list to incorporate the graph into the Excel and PDF formats, but it’s not a very high priority. The much higher licensing costs for the EasyCharts Servlet made us put it on hold.

    3. While I agree that would be useful, I’ve seen a lot of customers with too many campaigns in a zone for that kind of graph to be readable. I’ll add this to our list and see what we can do with it though. Maybe we can add options to the report wizards to let you choose what data and how much data to show in the graph and maybe the type of graph too.

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  2. ernes on Mar 22, 2006

    Well Mike, I know that every graph is not suitable for every data.
    But users really should have an option to use other type of graph representation. Becouse it’s not really difficult to implement.

    For future releases:
    - Please always add ID number of campaign in all listings.
    - And posibillity to only view/search/browse through “enabled campaigns”, because it gets kinda messy looking through all campaigns.
    - More detiled hourly reports for Inventory. And possibility to view multiple campaigns for selected zone on same graph.(hourly)
    You can let user select which campaigns should be presented.

    That’s it.
    I belive I should have made this post in “Comments and Suggestions”
    Sorry for bloating your Forum ::)
    thanx for replay.

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  3. on Mar 23, 2006

    1) Which listings are the ID# for campaigns missing from? I can’t find one they’re missing from.

    2) Viewing only enabled campaigns is possible now. In the campaign navigation menu, there is a “By Status” link under the “Listing” link. If you click on “By Status” it will let you pick whether you want to browse enabled or disabled campaigns. Campaigns that expire have their status switched to disabled, so you’ll only see active campaigns if you choose enabled.

    3) Hourly inventory reports are on our list already :)

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