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4 Answers

problems while using auto refresh to rotate ads

Asked by: basheer 458 views User Questions

I am using AdverPro Version 1.0
My problem is that when I tried to use Automatic refresh to rotate ads
I faced two problems

The ads are rotating but one white blank flashes between the banners
and more over on each rotation makes the IE understands that it is a new page have been visited , so it makes a long trace in the “BACK” menu in the browser so I cannot go back to previous page since the address in back is something like AdvertPRO Server/1.0 is there any way to avoid this?

Can you please suggest a solutions for these problems? it is very urgent.

Thanks in Advance,

4 Answers

  1. on Apr 12, 2006

    Probably the only way to solve these issues is to use AJAX to pre-load and redraw the banners. We are already planning to build AJAX support into AdvertPRO version 2.5, but it will be some time before that’s released (we’re still working on version 2.0 now). If you cannot work with these issues, I suppose the only solution is not to use the automatic refresh function at all.

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  2. on Apr 12, 2006

    Also, I wanted to note that I believe the “Back” button history issue might have been caused by a recent Internet Explorer patch. That never used to happen before. We will do some research to figure that out, but I suspect the only solution would be to use AJAX instead of the <IFRAME> meta refresh that is used now.

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  3. basheer on Apr 12, 2006

    Thanks for your immediate response

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  4. on May 27, 2006

    We now have a fix for this issue. Please e-mail [email]support@renegadeinternet.com[/email] to ask for the update and we’ll send you a download link.

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