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Creating Click Counter?

Asked by: 486 views Third Party Ads

I’m trying to serve a third-party ad through EmediateAd(?), which provided the following instructions for tracking clicks. But I don’t know how to create a “click counter.” Please advise. Thanks!

1. Create a click counter in your ad management system (“http://www.yourclickcounter.com/?redirect=”).
2. After “;EASClick=” insert “http://www.yourclickcounter.com/?redirect=” into the redirect string.
3. The resulting tag should look similar to the following:

1 Answers

  1. on May 26, 2006

    When they say your click counter, what you want to use is %%CLICKLINK%% like this:

    Note that in some cases the third party wants a click counter to be encoded/escaped, in which case you should use %%CLICKTAG%% instead.

    In either case, AdvertPRO will replace %%CLICKTAG%% or %%CLICKLINK%% with the necessary click tracking link when the ad is served, so you can take the above and just copy/paste it to create a new HTML banner media in AdvertPRO.

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