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Asked by: paj 425 views User Questions

In previous versions of AdvertPro, the options for a campaign chain were High through Low.

Recent versions now have -50 through 50. Am I correct in assuming that higher numbers will force the campaign to show earlier in the chain, i.e. a setting of 50 will force the campaign to show first?

The reason I ask is my setup seems to be ignoring the chain setting.
- The Zone’s ‘Exclusive Targetting’ setting is empty.
- Chain is 50
- Max Views is set
- Even Distribution is set
- There is no per user cap or any other targeting

Are there any other campaign settings that would cause the chain to be ignored.

2 Answers

  1. on May 31, 2006

    Yes, the -50 value is equivalent to what was previously “Lowest” and the 50 value is equivalent to what was previously “Highest”. The ad server still cycles down from highest number to lowest number. There are just a lot more in between values now.

    I think your problem may be with the even distribution. The ad server will pause evenly distributed campaigns many times during the day for short intervals (usually a few seconds at most) to avoid over delivering them. Because of this it will sometimes seem like evenly distributed campaigns pop up almost randomly. Say, for example, that you have the evenly distributed campaign in chain 50 and a few other campaigns in lower chains in the same zone. A visitor comes to the site and at that instant, the evenly distributed campaign is paused, so they see one of the campaigns in a lower chain instead. Now, when they go to the next page the even distributed campaign isn’t paused any longer so they’ll see it because it’s in a higher chain.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Even though the campaign is being paused periodically, the ad server still gives it top priority if the chain is set as the highest when it determines the campaign needs the impression(s).

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  2. paj on Jun 01, 2006

    Yep, that makes perfect sense.
    I figured there’d be a logical explanation.


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