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2 Answers

XML Flash ads

Asked by: tommyk_421 487 views User Questions


Has anyone sucessfully been able to run any flash ads that read data (XML/text) from an external source? eg a news ticker etc in flash?

We’ve created a banner that works fine when hosted on other servers, but it wont draw in the xml when hosted on AdvertPRO. We have the relevant crossdomain.xml file in place (click here for details:


), allowing access from all domains, but still no dice.

Anyone run across this or a solution?

- Tom

2 Answers

  1. on Jun 13, 2006

    Yes, I’ve seen a couple of customers using those in the past. Can you e-mail the .swf file to me at [email]support@renegadeinternet.com[/email]? Include the HTML code you’re using to display and test it if you can. I’ll see if I can get it to work.

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  2. on Jun 13, 2006

    Actually, it just occurred to me that one thing you might try is editing the Flash banner in AdvertPRO and choosing “Media Parameters” from the “Change View” drop down on the right. You can add extra parameters on that page. Add one named ‘swLiveConnect’ with a value of ‘true’.

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