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I noticed that MaxMind has open source versions of the country and city geotargeting databases. I have the full version of country geotargeting, and I was thinking about getting the city geotargeting, but it is not as important to me and therefore not worth the $370 fee. Is it possible to use the open source version of this with advertpro, and if so, what would I need to do?


5 Answers

  1. on Jun 23, 2006

    I would not recommend it, but I know for sure it will work as we’ve had a couple of customers use the free databases for evaluation purposes.

    The reason I don’t recommend it is that the free city database is 2% less accurate at the country level, so you would be losing accuracy for the data that matters to you by switching from the paid country database. I know 2% does not sound like much, but there are over 4 billion IP addresses, so 2% of that is really quite a lot. And just so you know, the free city database compared to the paid city database is about 15% less accurate at the city level.

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  2. atoz2 on Jun 23, 2006

    Okay, thanks… sounds like it might be better than nothing, but especially not when the paid country geotargeting is already being used.

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  3. atoz on Jun 30, 2006

    I just realized MaxMind offers other levels of geotargeting. I don’t need something as specific as city geotargeting, but the others may work for me. I wanted to know if all these levels will work with advertpro. I noticed only city and country are listed on the advertpro pricing page.

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  4. on Jun 30, 2006

    We support only GeoIP Country and GeoIP City: http://www.maxmind.com/app/geoip_features

    GeoIP Country provides continent and country targeting/reporting.

    GeoIP City also provides continent and country as well as state/province, city, postal code, and DMA.

    We don’t use area codes due to the fact that they’re not very accurate. I have never seen a request from an advertiser to show their ads to users based on latitude/longitude, so we don’t use those either. Some considerating is being given to supporting their ISP, Organization, Netspeed, and Domain databases though.

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  5. atoz on Jun 30, 2006

    State targeting would be detailed enough for me. Thanks for the info.

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