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7 Answers

Keyword banner problem

Asked by: carlos 636 views Uncategorized

we are using keyword targeted banners. They work fine individually, but whenever there are two banners that could display (e.g. user searches on word A + word B – both of which have different banners assigned) one keyword banner always takes precedence, instead of choosing randomly between the two.
How do we fix this?
Carl Myers

7 Answers

  1. on Jul 17, 2006

    Well, it could be that word A is getting searched for much more often. That would make word B take precedence when both words were searched for because word B would be under distributed in comparison. The choice is not made randomly — priority is calculated from weight and distribution.

    My suggestion is that you bump up the weight of the banner that’s not taking precedence and see if that balances things closer to what you want.

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  2. ellenthompson on Nov 16, 2006

    I am having the same problem and if I disable the default campaign, then NONE of my campaigns shows up. Help!

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  3. on Nov 16, 2006


    Did you possibly have the “Internal Campaigns” setting checked for any of the advertisers competitor settings in your zone? I have seen this cause similar confusion a number of times. The problem is that if you are only testing your zone out on a single page, you will see a campaign from each advertiser in the zone one time, and then never again. It’s unknown to the ad server how many ads are on a page, so it waits until you go to another 3 pages before it resets the competitor tracking list for a page. Normally this only trips new users up in their initial testing, but in production you won’t notice this since you’ll be able to test on many pages of your site. I recommend not enabling the competitor feature until you have your zones set up on a number of pages to test with to avoid confusion.

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  4. ellenthompson on Nov 17, 2006

    Thanks for replying. No, I don’t have the Internal Competitors feature turned on. Bottom line is the keyword targeting doesn’t appear to work at all.

    Here is some more info that may help you troubleshoot. When I disable all campaigns except one that targets keywords (auto), if I disable all other campaigns expect this one and then set Keyword Only in the Delivery Options screen to Yes, then the ad never appears, even when the word auto is all over the page.

    Then, I tried turning all campaigns on, Keyword Only to NO. At this point, I have 4 campaigns, 3 that supposedly target keywords and all ads are running, but ads displayed appear random, not at all in correlation to keywords that are actual on the page. Chain, Priority all set to the same thing for all accts.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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  5. on Nov 17, 2006

    AdvertPRO cannot retrieve keywords from your pages. You need to pass the keywords to it as parameters: http://www.advertpro.com/docs/1.0/html/manual/integration.html#keyword Normally this is only done with search engine result pages.

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  6. ellenthompson on Nov 17, 2006

    OK, I tested my parameters and they are not passing the variable result, just the text ($config[title]. I also tried to put document.write(document.title) after custom1= and it didn’t like that either.

    Seems to me there should be code to pass either the url or the title of the page, either of which would suit my needs. Any more ideas?



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  7. on Nov 18, 2006

    I think it will work to pass the page title if you code it like this:


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