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2 Answers

Referrer URL Report

Asked by: JohanP 421 views User Questions

Good Day

We are running a campaign on over 300 websites and would like to see the views per site.
If we create a Referrer URL Report it doesn’t give us all the referrers and we also get a “Unresolved” Views amount.

Does the referrer need to have a certain amount of views before it gets listed?


2 Answers

  1. on Aug 17, 2006

    By default, a general report will show the top 100 referrers with the most views, clicks, and actions. Detail reports, such as a campaign referrer report, will only show the top 10 referrers. You can adjust those limits by going to Settings > Expert > Purging in the AdvertPRO control panel.

    There’s also another setting under Settings > Basic > Server called Referrer Logging. You should probaby change that to log partial refferers, which will only log the domain name of the site instead of every individual page on the site. I suggest this because if you have 300 different web sites, you will very quickly amass a HUGE volume of referrer data and your database will grow at an unmanageable rate.

    As for the “Unresovled” referrers, it is common to have a large number of those. Many visitors will have security settings/software that overwrites or hides the referrer location. That makes the referrer URL kind of unreliable for tracking purposes. It’s more foolproof to create a publisher account for each web site, that way you can generate reports by publisher and also it’s much less data to store in the database compared to referrer data.

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  2. JohanP on Aug 18, 2006

    thanks again Mike

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