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4 Answers

active media only

Asked by: friend_me 485 views User Questions

Dear Sir,
I am asking for a short way to know all the active media names attached to current working (enabled) campaigns at once
I tried to list all the enabled media but it lists big number of media even the ones assigned to disabled campaigns

My goal is to determinate the not working media (not showing media) to delete it, coz they are cumulating in a bad way

thanx in advance

4 Answers

  1. on Aug 22, 2006

    There’s no easy way to do this :( About the fastest way to do it would be to get a list of inactive (disabled) campaigns. Then go through and view the media assignments for each of those campaigns. You’ll be able to delete each of the media assigned to them directly from that screen.

    Also, I am going to file an RFE in our issue tracker for us to implement a faster way to do this. It could definitely be much easier.

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  2. friend_me on Sep 12, 2006

    i recommend to have this option in the media level too not in the campaign level,,,coz for my case (and sure for others) i am fixing one campaign all the time and changing the media assigned to it all the time by adding or removing from this lonely campaign. Thus i have no disabled campaigns. i’just want to know the unused media at any given time

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  3. on Sep 13, 2006

    Yes, definitely. What I’m thinking is we’ll implement a listing filter that will show you all media or campaigns that have not received any views for X number of days. Or the reverse, only show active campaigns that have received views recently.

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  4. friend_me on Sep 13, 2006

    yeah, that’s the right path
    thanks in advance

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