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how to create an overlay dynamic flash banner

Asked by: friend_me 800 views User Questions

Dear Mike,
i wonder what is the best way to put an expandable or interactive flash banner (transparent or semi transparent edges) over the text on any page.
i don’t know should i use dynamic media or flash media ?
shoud i use the size before the expansion or after it?
is there any tutorials for these?

thanks in advance

1 Answers

  1. on Sep 20, 2006

    You can use the Flash banner media type. Just make sure the banner invocation code in your page does not contain any <IFRAME> tags. If you’re using a new version of AdvertPRO, it generates non-<IFRAME> code automatically, but with older versions you need to check the “Dynamic JavaScript” option in the code wizard (you have a newer version if you lack that option).

    The dynamic media type can be used as well. It’s best suited to cases where the banner will move about the page, for example sliding in from the top of the page to the middle of it.

    Either way, the Flash banner must start out at the initial unexpanded size. Flash lacks any capability to resize itself, so you need to use external JavaScript to resize it when the user rolls over it with their mouse. In fact, it’s best to resize it a couple of times in stages to get a smoother animation. There is a tutorial here that explains this technique and provides example code here: http://www.mustardlab.com/developer/flash/objectresize/

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