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Text ads not wrapping

Asked by: Chad 415 views User Questions

Hi All,

I am new to the system, so please forgive any ignorance of previous posts.

I have started using text ads and have noticed that most will not wrap text inside tables unless I specifically use html tables inside the rich text media settings.

I have a space on the page for the text ads that has a table with width defined, then I have placed the ad code from the advert system inside the cell. If I use a plain text media, the text will not wrap in this table – it will cause the table to expand beyond the defined width. I have tried using a

tag in the rich text and that does not work. The only thing that I can find that will work is creating a whole table structure in the Rich Text ad and defining the width there as well. There is, of course a caveat to that – it only works in IE. Firefox is unaffected and still will not wrap the text. Once the site goes live I will post a link as an example.

I have tried defining the width in CSS as well and it has had no effect on the wrapping of the text in Firefox.

Has anyone else run across this problem and found out a solution?

I’m having to live with this IE only solution, but I would like to be able to solve it for other browsers to be able to cover a vast majority of users.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

1 Answers

  1. on Oct 04, 2006

    You should be able to just wrap a

    tag around the AdvertPRO code like this:

    … code from AdvertPRO code wizard goes here …

    If that’s what you tried and it didn’t work, please post the link to your example. I am sure we can find an alternative solution that won’t require tons of extra code.

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