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Chain Definition or Explanation?

Asked by: Mike Cherichetti 500 views User Questions


Is there anywhere that thoroughly describes how to “chain” campaigns? Say I have a two campaigns running in a zone, and I want one to load 9 times out of 10 loads, with the other load reserverd for the 2nd campaign, how would I do that? I think I’ve found the page in which to do so, but I don’t really understand the “chain” -50 thru +50 scale. Is there a place or a thread that describes this in detail? Thanks!



1 Answers

  1. on Oct 16, 2006

    We really need to add a page to the user manual on chain/priority — that is on my todo list :)

    In this case though, I don’t think you need to use chain. Give the 1st campaign a priority of 9 and the other a priority of 1. That will give it 9 times as many loads, which is what you want.

    To use chains, you need to have some type of limiter on a campaign. Normally that is frequency capping or a type of target such as a country. If you place a campaign in a higher chain and it has no limitations, it will take 100% of the loads and never yield to allow campaigns in lower chains to be shown.

    To give you an example of how chains work, let’s say you have 5 campaigns in a zone:

    Campaign A: Frequency Cap = 3 views/hour / Chain = 3 / Priority = 1
    Campaign B: Frequency Cap = 5 views/hour / Chain = 2 / Priority = 1
    Campaign C: Frequency Cap = 5 views/hour / Chain = 2 / Priority = 1
    Campaign D: Frequency Cap = 4 views/hour / Chain = 1 / Priority = 1
    Campaign E: Frequency Cap = Unlimited / Chain = 0 / Priority = 1

    What’s going to happen is this:

    1. You will see A a total of 3 times because it’s in the highest chain.

    2. Next, you will see B & C a total of 5 times each, but they will rotate together since they are both in the next lowest chain.

    3. Next, you will see D a total of 4 times, again because it’s in the next lowest chain.

    4. Finally, you will see E repeatedly until the frequency caps for A-D expire and the cycle repeats.

    So, basically, chain is a way to control the order in which campaigns are seen. Combined with frequency capping, it’s a powerful tool to deliver higher paying ads first and then work you way down to lower paying ads. Priority need only be adjusted when you have multiple campaigns in the same chain and you don’t want them to receive an equal share of the rotation for that chain.

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