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1 Answers

Impressions not tracking properly?

Asked by: Mike Cherichetti 512 views User Questions

Hey guys,

I’m still fairly new to advertserve, but I’ve noticed that there has been a discrepancy between the traffic stats on our site and the number of our impressions that we’re tracking on Advertpro. Say we’ve had 800,000 page views for the month of august, with two zones on each page calling one banner each, we should have 1,600,000 total impressions for those two zones, correct? Well, we’re registering half that many Impressions..

Now, I’ve seen they banners load properly on our site. What could be the culprit here? Please help!

1 Answers

  1. on Oct 24, 2006

    Have you modified the code that was generated by the AdvertPRO code wizard at all? Removing parts of the code that prevent client-side caching would cause this.

    Another possibility is that you don’t have enough campaigns to fill your traffic. Go to Reports > Inventory > Summary and you can see how many defaults you’ve been delivering.

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