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2 Answers

Would like the thin gray line…

Asked by: StephenL 444 views Feature Requests

Two suggestions….

1) I would like to see a thin gray line between the control icons and the items listed below it (such as in the accounts listing) not above the icon list where it is now.

I keep thinking the control icons belong to the listed item below, not the one above, because there is a line above the icons.

Its current placement is confusing.

(That was clear, right?)

Alternatively, I’d like the option to put the icons above the listed item.

2) Get rid of the case sensitivity for the user names login.


2 Answers

  1. on Nov 24, 2006

    1) Well, when you put your mouse over an icon, you should see it highlights the item above it? I will say that the color changes are not distinct enough on LCD monitors. If we made the colors more distinct, do you think it would help set them apart enough? That’s something that I’ve been planning to do for the next version.

    2) We’ll give this some consideration, but usernames and passwords are case sensitive as a security measure. Perhaps it’s not as important with the username. One thing that we’ve done with the next version that should help is we’ve added a “Remember Me” checkbox on the login screen, so if you check that it will remember your username and password so all you have to do is click “Login”.

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  2. StephenL on Nov 26, 2006

    1) I see the shading, and it actually is distinct enough on the LCD, but it’s not what I keep expecting to see.

    The thin gray line separates the icons from the listed item above it and makes it look like they belong to the listed item below.

    2) I agree, passwords should be case sensitive, but userids probably shouldn’t be. “Remember me”, would be a useful feature.

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