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1 Answers

Create a zone with multiple campaign

Asked by: rashmid 389 views User Questions


I am new to this advertserve. I have created 2 campaigns with each of the campaign having multiple medias. I have also generated the code using code wizard.

The ad load properly for sometime and after a few minutes, displays the default ad and then never loads any of my ads.

Can anybody pls tell me why does it go to the default ad and does not continuously display my ads only.

Its urgent pls reply.

1 Answers

  1. on Dec 19, 2006

    Have you enable even distribution or frequency capping for any of your campaigns? Either of those settings can limit the number of impressions. Another possibility is that you have enabled competitor filtering on “Internal Campaigns” for your advertisers. If you refresh the same exact page enough times consecutively, you will eventually run out of ads. However, if you browse around to many pages, you will see that the campaigns rotate as you expect without the default ever showing up.

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