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3 Answers

Passing values through to redirect URL

Asked by: toby 535 views API / Integration

How can I pass values/querystrings to the final redirect URL of a banner from the original hosted page?

I’m using HTML code to display multiple ads in a vertical line down the page.

I’d like to pass some unique identifiers through to the final clicked URL. The unique identifiers will be different for every single user that clicks on the ads.

For example, the redirect URL would be


Is there any way I can set the redirect URL to


and then have advertpro append a querystring on the end that is passed in via the ad serving code?

3 Answers

  1. toby on Jan 02, 2007

    Ok, I’ve just found that I can insert custom tokens into my redirect URLs, but how do I provide those custom values to the banner code?

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  2. toby on Jan 02, 2007

    Never mind! I just hunted around in the documentation a bit more and figured it out for myself. As it turns out it works brilliantly!!

    The documentation could have been just a little bit clearer – it explained that I can insert custom tokens into the redirect URL but did not explain how to set those custom tokens. But then I found something about setting custom values in the documentation on custom targeting – unrelated to what I’m trying to do, but it helped me find the solution.

    Thanks for a brilliant product, love it!!

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  3. on Jan 02, 2007

    Glad you figured it out. I will have to see what we can do to link the documentation together a bit more on these topics. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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