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3 Answers

Batch reporting revisited

Asked by: StephenL 370 views User Questions

Since batch reporting isn’t available yet, is there a way to extract the raw information from the database and I’ll generate the custom reports myself?

3 Answers

  1. on Feb 05, 2007

    Well, you could go to Maintenance > Database > Backup and download the raw data. The data in those backups is kind of in a proprietary format, but it can be converted into SQL with a script to load it into a database. Generating reports from the raw data, however, will be a heck of a lot of work though. Unless you are an SQL guru or have one at your disposal, I wouldn’t consider attempting this.

    Something that might be more possible is generating reports and exporting them to CSV format. You could import those into reporting software such as CrystalReports for further analysis.

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  2. StephenL on Feb 06, 2007

    I’m downloading the backup now, simply because it is good to have even if I can’t do anything with it. I assume each backup file is a cumulative document.

    What I have been doing is downloading the individual reports into Excel and working with them there. But that is going to become a lot of manual work I see.

    An “ALL” batch option for the various (Publisher, Campaign, Advertiser) reports would really, really be good. This is something I am going to keep pushing for.

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  3. on Feb 06, 2007

    Yes, each backup is a cumulative one.

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