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3 Answers

Unique Visitors

Asked by: StephenL 411 views User Questions


Now that I’ve seen that the system stores UID info (presumably by cookie), is it possible to learn how many unique visitors I get over all for (a) all my ads, to (b) for specific advertisers, and (c) for specific campaigns?

Also does the UID stick with the visitor for good, or is it refreshed and reused after a period of time?

I am trying to maximize the # of clicks to impressions, and want to get an idea as to how many time a viewer needs to see an ad for them to click, when does it become wasted views, and so on, and while I know how many overall visitors I get to my ads, I want to know how many of them are actually unique (overall and per site).

My default ad campaign is Advertiser #1 (me).

The specific advertisers I am interested in are: 5,8,9, and 11.


3 Answers

  1. on Feb 12, 2007

    We are not logging the UID for views yet. It’s on our roadmap to implement that as well as adding unique figures into the reports.

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  2. friend_me on Feb 22, 2007

    cann’t “delivery capping” do this role?, to set a max. number of views for every visitor

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  3. on Feb 22, 2007

    Yes, if you capped a campaign to 1 view per day, you would end up with a 24-hour unique view total. However, this isn’t usually practical since it would probably limit the campaigns exposure rate too much.

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