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1 Answers

Action Scripts

Asked by: StephenL 419 views User Questions

I installed an action script on the Success page of a form.

It is accurately recording the actions, but reporting that it is coming from the wrong place!

I opened up the form directly without going through any ad…

It keeps reporting that the action is from a specific publisher, campaign, and zone (always the same).

But the campaign was never even shown on that publisher (it was shown once in that campaign and zone on a different publisher).

1 Answers

  1. on Feb 26, 2007

    When you click on an ad, a record of which publisher delivered the campaign/media/zone is kept so that actions can be credited correctly.

    If you happen to click on the ad multiple times, whether in different zones or from different publishers, the action will be attributed only to the most recent click.

    Anyway, I will need some additional information to look into this further. I will send you an e-mail to ask you for what I need.

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