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5 Answers

SWF click through opens in ad space vs. new page

Asked by: KarenD 617 views User Questions


I’m the new ad management person for Doubledown Media. Anni Rodgers suggested I reach out to you.

I set up a 728×90 campaign but when i clicked on the SWF creative ad on the live site the advertiser’s web site page opened w/in the actual 728×90 ad space (so you see part of the advertiser’s home page within their ad while still on the dealmaker.com site). How to I fix this in AdvertPro?

Thanks for your help.


5 Answers

  1. on Mar 02, 2007

    The Flash banner must not have any target frame set for the link. To fix this, you must edit the Flash file itself:


    From that page, the ActionScript in the Flash file:

    on (release) {
    if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == “http:”) {
    getURL(clickTAG, “_top”);

    What you’re missing is the “_top” part, which tells the browser to open the link in the full browser window instead of the frame holding the ad. It’s also possible to specify “_blank” there to get the link to open in a new window.

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  2. KarenD on Mar 07, 2007

    Thanks so much for the input about editing the flash files.

    One other question, I have a different flash ad that clicks through correctly however the system is not tracking the clicks. Does the same edit need to be done to make sure that the clicks are tracked?

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  3. on Mar 07, 2007

    That is probably the case. The Flash banner may have a link hardcoded within it, so it’s not recognizing the clickTAG parameter.

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  4. StephenL on Mar 08, 2007


    Would the system look at the _blank as a popup and block it if someone has a popup blocker installed, or would it recognize it as a legitimate request from the user and always open the link on a new page?


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  5. on Mar 08, 2007

    Well, here is what we’ve found in our testing. The popup blocker in Internet Explorer 7 seems to block new windows opened from Flash if they take more than a fixed amount of time to open. On most systems this does not happen, but if you have a system with a slower CPU or very little free memory you will see it’s blocked occasionally.

    I’ve been able to get this to happen on two systems. One a laptop with a Pentium3 800 MHz and 256 MB RAM and the other a desktop with a Pentium3 933 MHz with 384 MB of RAM — both pretty old systems for sure, so whether or not you need to worry about this is debatable.

    The blocker does not invoke the ad server’s click tracking when it blocks the window so it’s not going to count multiple clicks if someone re-clicks on it, which chances are it won’t be blocked twice in a row (AdvertPRO has a double/multiple click filter built into it anyway).

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