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2 Answers

Where to get update?

Asked by: Zero-K 641 views Upgrades

I’m not sure if I’m blind, or just not receiving all information.
I get a message in my AdvertPro that there’s an update. I can see all the changes in the changelog. I’ve been forwarded an email from the account holder but it only consists of the list of changes/upgrades. But I cant’ find anywhere to actually get this update.
Was the information sent in an email I didn’t receive? or am I just looking past it?

Thanks :)


2 Answers

  1. on Mar 06, 2007

    I’ve e-mailed you a download link. We are working on creating a download page where you can get the latest version.

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  2. renegade_mike on May 09, 2007

    You can now download the latest version from here: https://services.renegadeinternet.com/download/

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