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2 Answers

Chains and multiple banner ad code

Asked by: paj 405 views User Questions

I have quick question.

If I generate code to ‘Display Multiple Banners’, can I guarantee that the highest chain will always show in spot number 1 or is it random.

So for example,
Campaign A: chain 50
Campaign B: chain 0
Skyscraper code generated to display two banners from campaigns A and B, one on top of each other.

Will campaign A always be in the top spot? … assuming campaign A was selected for display.

Additionally, will a banner show once and only once in that code. I wouldn’t want the same banner to display twice in the same view.

Many thanks.

2 Answers

  1. on Mar 16, 2007

    Yes, it is possible to use the chain to order the banners. However, you need to be using the latest version (1.0 build 9176) of AdvertPRO for it to work. The previous version could only display banners randomly.

    If you do have the latest version, put the campaigns that you want to display in the top most position (or left most if you’re using a horizontal layout) in the highest chain. The ad server will cycle down from highest to lowest chain. If you put more than one campaign in the same chain, they will always be displayed side by side but they will switch positions randomly. So, if you want a purely random order, simply place all campaigns in the same chain.

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  2. paj on Mar 16, 2007

    Excellent. I am using the latest and greatest version so I should be good to go.

    I love the new features in the latest version, especially the anti-competitor flags. :)

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