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3 Answers

Targeting Ads

Asked by: jglazner 458 views API / Integration

Is there an easy way to exclude all of the ads except for ads that match keywords that i entered? Right now if an has no keywords it shows up, unless I add it to the explicit deny keywords. Is there a way to reverse that? (default deny policy unless explicit request is made that matches keywords)


3 Answers

  1. on Mar 23, 2007

    Edit your zone and select “Keywords” in the “Exclusive Targeting” box. That will force a keyword targeted banner to be displayed when one matches.

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  2. jglazner on Mar 26, 2007

    I have that option enabled in the zone. The problem is I don’t want any other banners to show up. so i’ve got up to 3 banners (using the code wizard) to display in 1 zone, if the keyword is health and only one campain mathces the keyword health, it should only show one banner. instead it always shows the banner that matches the keyword but then it randomly seletcs the remaining 2 banners. I don’t want those other banners to show up. the only way i can make the not show up now is to to go into each campaign and add health to the list of keywords to deny.

    example say i pass in the keyword Restaurants, if there are no campains with that keyword it should should show the default banner.

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  3. on Mar 26, 2007

    Ahh, didn’t know that you were using the display multiple ads option.

    Edit each of the campaigns and select “Delivery Options” from the “Change View” drop down on the right. Set “Keyword Only” to “Yes” and save your changes.

    After doing that, you should see defaults instead of non-matching campaigns.

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