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1 Answers

Excluding Internal Traffic

Asked by: KarenD 509 views User Questions

We are seeing a discrepancy between our ad imps served via AdvertServe and our pageview analytics. We take into account that we have multiple ads per page however there is still a large difference. I’m guessing that there is an area of our site that is not tagged for our pageview analytics system however someone wants me to check to see whether or not AdvertServe is excluding internal traffic. How can I find out if this is being done?

1 Answers

  1. on Apr 09, 2007

    AdvertSERVE doesn’t filter out internal traffic. We haven’t implemented that capability yet.

    I would say that it’s likely you’re missing the analytics code on some pages.

    There are some other factors that you need to consider as well. If your analytics code uses JavaScript only, it’s not tracking hits from visitors that have JavaScript disabled. Privacy software that removes analytics codes from pages is also a source of discrepancy. Along the same lines, ad blocking software will also introduce discrepancies by removing ad codes from pages.

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