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Problem targeting ads

Asked by: jglazner 519 views API / Integration

We would like to do some unique targeting, however I am running into problems. Perhpas i’m using the wrong method (i’ve tried using keywords and custom targeting..) and didni’t see a way to do this..?

Here’s what i’m trying to accomplish. We have 3 fields Category, sub category, and location. We want the banner software to return a banner that matches all three first, but if it can’t find one that matches all three, then return one that matches two, and if still no match with 2 then finally match with 1 but if no match can be found show a default banner.

Is this even possible? Did I even make any sense? I treid using keywords matching using the + next to certain keywords, but the problem is that required all the keywords marked as + to be present, when they may not be required. and I tried using custom fields but that didn’t seem to work either. It’s like i need to some how chain the fields together so that it returns the best match.

6 Answers

  1. on Apr 13, 2007

    Yes, this is possible and here’s how I would try to set it up.

    1) You need to use custom targeting. The reason is that custom fields are connected with AND logic, which is what you want when you specify multiple targets.

    2) You need to create 3 tier labels for these campaigns. I suggest the following names (descriptions in parenthesis):

    Custom Tier #1 (Category only)
    Custom Tier #2 (Category + Sub Category)
    Custom Tier #3 (Category + Sub Category + Location)

    3) When assigning these campaigns to your zones, you will need to set the “Chain” for the campaign according to its tier:

    Custom Tier #1 (Chain Value = 1)
    Custom Tier #2 (Chain Value = 2)
    Custom Tier #3 (Chain Value = 3)

    After doing this, the ad server will evaluate campaigns in the highest chain (3) first and work its way down to the lowest chain (1). Thus if you have any campaigns in Tier #3 (all 3 fields targeted) they will get first crack at being displayed if any of them match, then the Tier #2 campaigns, and finally the Tier #1 campaigns. If none of those campaigns can be shown, whatever non-targeted campaigns you have in chain 0 will be displayed.

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  2. jglazner on Apr 13, 2007

    So are you saying that i have to create 3 campaigns, and chain each of those campaigns together? Or by custom tier do you mean custom field? If you mean custom field i don’t see how to chain those 3 fields together on one campaign…

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  3. on Apr 13, 2007

    The tier is simply a label saying what custom fields the campaign has targets set for. If the campaign is targeted at a category and sub-category, that puts it in tier #2.

    To set up the chain stuff correctly, edit the zone and select “Campaign Assignments” from the “Change View” drop down on the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see “Adjust Assigments”. In the table below that, you can adjust the chain level for each campaign that’s assigned to the zone.

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  4. jglazner on Apr 13, 2007

    I think I’m still missing something… here is what i have.

    In the settings section of advert pro I have renamed custom field #1 to Category, custom field #2 to Sub Category, and custom field #3 to Market Id.

    I created a campainged called johnsonmills. That campaing has 1 banner assigned to it. In the custom fields section of that campaign I set custom field #1(now called category) = restaurants, custom field #2(now called sub category) = fine_dining, and custom field #3 (now called market id) = 001

    I then added it to a zone. Then I set the chain = 3 for johnsonmills and saved my changes. (as i understand it, that tells the software to match all 3 fields, then 2 then 1).

    I used the code wizard to generate the code which i then pasted into a php page. I added in the custom fields to all
    the url strings. Now my URL string looks like this:

    …strip?custom1=< ?=$category_name?>&custom2=< ?=$sub_category_name?>&custom3=< ?=$market_id?>&zid=5&pid=0&total=2…

    [view-source after page loads...]

    custom2 is blank because the user hasn’t specified a sub category yet.

    When the page laods No banner shows up. Even if i change the chain to 1 and only pass in custom1 with restaurants manually I still don’t get anything.

    what am i missing? I apprecaite your patience and help.

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  5. on Apr 13, 2007

    Well, if you specify 3 custom targets for the campaign (Category + Sub-Category + Market ID) the ad server is going to require all 3 of those match. Custom fields are combined with AND logic and there’s no way to change that.

    I didn’t realize you wanted campaigns with 3 targets to match only two values. I thought you were just trying to rank those with 3 targets higher than those with 2 targets or 1 target.

    There is a way that you could simulate OR logic though, which may work. Instead of having 3 custom fields, you could combine them into a single field.

    Name the field: Category + SubCategory + MarketID

    And pass values for that single custom field to the ad server with the following format:


    So, for example, if you pass in the following value: restaurants|fine_dining|001

    It would only match a campaign that’s targeted at that exact value (you need to use the EQUALS matching operator for the custom field).

    If you had a campaign that you wanted to match with or without the sub-category, you could specify two targets for it:


    This should work because if you specify multiple target values for a field they are connected with OR logic and only one of them has to match.

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  6. jglazner on Apr 13, 2007


    Thanks for you help. I think i can make this work.

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