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control over templates

Asked by: jglazner 463 views User Questions

Is it possible have control over the template system that is used to send back ads? For example if you request up to 3 text ads what is sent back is a table with 3 text banners in it. We would like to have control over that template system, is that possible? In other words we would like to have full control of the data that is sent back to us, especially the text ads. In our case we want to only display a portion of the ad with a link that then expands the rest of the ad should they click on it. Right now we are able to do this via a clever hack by requesting via a proxy, and stripping out the results and passing that back, however it’s very messy, and messes up the reporting of the text ads. Allowing us to gain control over the templates and how ads are returned would allow us to handle these much better. Please let me know.


1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 15, 2007

    The HTML code returned by the ad server is not generated from templates and cannot be changed. How is your proxy hack messing up the reports? I assume you mean it’s hiding the browser, OS, IP, referrer, geography, etc…? You can pass that information through your proxy to AdvertPRO by adding them to the URL you’re calling to retrieve the ads:


    Just make sure to URL encode (escape) those parameter values.

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