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Default image different size than Banner Size

Asked by: bkeelane 478 views User Questions

We have modules on our site in which advertisers can sponsor. The banner size should there be a sponsor is 318×60. However if we do not have a sponsor for that position we do not want a banner to appear. We had to use the iFrame version for the Zone under the direction of Advert because of spacing issues for the modules. I created a 318×1 image tried putting it as the default image of the zone and made the 318×1 compatible with the 318×60 so they can be interchanged when sponsors are cycled through.. but it is not working properly. that made the 318×1 image to stretch out to the 60 height.. so i added a campaign with a 318×1 image as the media but that is not working either.. Because of the iframe code the 318×1 image appears but it is surround by whitespace to match the height of the settings for the zone of a height of 60.

Any suggestions?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 22, 2007

    Try the following, which I just whipped up pretty quickly.

    1. Edit the banner and put the following in the Alternate HTML Content field:
    2. Add the following attribute to the IFRAME tag that was generated by the code wizard:
    3. Add the following code to your page that contains the IFRAME tag (best place it in the HEAD section):

    Basically, this script will resize the IFRAME if it detects the “NOT VISIBLE CONTENT” comment inside of it after it loads. You will see the IFRAME load at full size for a split second and this will of course only work for visitors with JavaScript enabled, but this is the best I think you can do. Well, you could do better. Join our recently launched MediaMarket network and get some default ads to run :)

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