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1 Answers

Campaigns with Multiple Geography Settings

Asked by: geoffrey 359 views User Questions

My Name is Geoffrey Gonzalez.

Can somebody consult me on how to create campaigns with multiple levels of geography settings.

Int’l, Latin America, USA, DMA / States / Zip Codes.

Please contract me.

Skype: geoffrey.gonzalez
msn: [email]geoffreygag@msn.com[/email]

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jun 06, 2007

    Edit your campaign and select Geography Targeting from the Change View drop down on the right.

    You will then be at a screen where you can input continent, country, state/province, city, zip code, and DMA targets.

    Targeting of continents, countries, and DMA codes are all very easy. You just select the ones you want to target and click the arrow to move them into the targeted box. Note that if you target a country it is not necessary to select the continents or if you select DMA codes it is not necessary to select any continent or country — the ad server knows that information already :)

    State targeting requires you to enter a list of full state names, one per line, into the State / Province box. You should select the country you expect those states to be located in. Some states (or cities) have names that are not unique and may also be located in other countries.

    Zip code targeting is similar and also wants you to input a list of zip codes, one per line, into the Postal / Zip Code box. You should, again, select the country you expect those zip codes to be located in. And, probably, before using zip code targeting you should ask yourself if DMA would be a better choice. In the past, we didn’t have DMA, so zip codes are kind of a legacy thing… at least for the US.

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