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1 Answers

Problems forcibly require keywords to be present

Asked by: Thomas Hvitstein 438 views API / Integration

I have problems to forcibly require a keyword to be present.

In the targeted box under keywords I have filled in a keyword like this:

But if I use another keyword than Maldivene the ad is still showing.
Except if I use the keyword Tyrkia (Turkey) which I have set up for an other ad in the same zone.

Example site:

Switch the keywords parameter to for instanse “tyrkia” or “maldivene” to test…

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jun 06, 2007

    Edit the campaign and select Delivery Options from the Change View drop down on the right. You will see a setting called Keyword Only, which you want to set to Yes. That will make it so that the campaign can’t be displayed when no other campaigns match any keywords either.

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