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2 Answers

Tracking a Customized Code Stub

Asked by: StephenL 397 views User Questions

I created a customized code stub for one of my advertisers. The purpose is for the publishers to embed it (their customized version) as a text link in in an article as opposed to a rotating ad.

But I am having a tracking problem.


I can properly track the campaign, the media, and the publisher, but I can’t get zone (or group) information in the reports. I’ve set the zone as a text type part of a group I named “text”.

Did I do something wrong or am I missing something in the code?


2 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jun 11, 2007

    To track a click for the zone, you need to use a different link:

    <br />http://adserver.webads.co.il/servlet/click/zone?cid=114&mid=159&pid=4&zid=80&redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fbayitbeisrael.com%2Fenglish%2F<br />

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  2. StephenL on Jun 12, 2007

    Yeah, that’s what I wanted. “Zone” registers the campaign too, but “Campaign” didn’t register the zone or group.

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