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Pop Under Ads – Set UP

Asked by: bkeelane 430 views User Questions

I have set up a campaign and media for a pop under ad. The issue is that the ad the client submitted is not an ad size that we have on the site (it’s 720×300) Does that matter?

I set up a zone and categorized it as a Pop-under zone for that site but the ad still isn’t showing up when i go to the site. Is there something that needs to be placed in the code on my actual site for it to call this pop under ad?


1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jun 15, 2007

    Sizes are handled differently with popup and popunder media. You enter a custom width and height into the settings for each media. That is if you select for the window to be positioned centered or at an X,Y location — width and height aren’t used if you select full screen.

    For the popup to be displayed, you do need to generate code with the code wizard. Go to the code wizard and click on “Window Code” in the navigation menu that comes up on the left, then on the “HTML Code” link under it. Take the generated code and place it in your page. Where you place it is not 100% important, but I recommend placing it right before the tag so it doesn’t impact the loading speed of your page.

    Also, you should take into consideration: popup blockers. There is an option in the code wizard to delay loading of popups until a link is clicked on the page. Basically, the popups attach themselves to every link in the page so if someone clicks on a link it can activate the popup without triggering the popup blocker since it’s a user initiated action. Note that the code is smart and disables itself after the first link is clicked, so clicks on other links in the page won’t re-trigger the popup.

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