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Default Ads

Asked by: chill365 358 views User Questions


I’ve just started out with Advert Serve, watched the video tutorials and gone through step by step setting up a zone, accounts, media and campaigns etc but when we’ve posted the code to our test site the zone is coming up black with ‘Default’ in white letters (URL can be provided if needed).

I seem to remember hearing (albeit very briefly in the video) that you need a ‘default’ house ad to be allocated to every Zone in the event that if none of the other ads are set to show, Advert Serve will have something to draw upon.

Is this what I am missing here? If so, how do I load up a default ad to my Zone?



1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jul 06, 2007

    I just answered your e-mail about this. You were missing some media -> campaign and campaign -> zone assignments.

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