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3 Answers

Embedded Text – disabling Click tracking

Asked by: StephenL 1008 views User Questions

I’ve given my publishers customized embedded text code for embedding specific campaigns in their articles. I’ve included a sample below. This code allows me to select which campaign is being tracked, which publisher the clicks came from, and then redirect the click to the client’s site. (Please note, I can’t embed javascript into the articles)

(Numbers changed to Xes)

But I have a problem, once the campaign is over I want to disable the click tracking while maintaining the redirection.

I tried to disable the campaign, but that disabled the redirection.

I tried setting Max clicks to 1, but that disabled the campaign (the first time around at least, once I re-enabled the campaign it seems to stay enabled).

I set the Click Limit to 1 in 90 days, and that stopped the click tracking from any specific individual after their first click, but not from everyone out there.

I don’t have the option of having the publishers change/remove the code as many of them have their articles republished in feeds or external sites.

Is there another solution (that isn’t obvious to me) that I can use to disable the click tracking?

Is there an alternative form of the code I can use that will provide me with the same embedded solution, but offer me more flexibility (but without JS which I can’t use on these sites)?



3 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jul 20, 2007

    We don’t have any options to allow this. Normally we are trying everything we can to track clicks, not the other way around :)

    One thing you could do is get a link redirection script like this one:


    It allows you to create a link like this: http://www.yoursite.com/redirect/?idname that redirects to the AdvertPRO click tracking link.

    After the campaign is over, you can then change the redirect to go directly to the advertiser’s site.

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  2. StephenL on Aug 01, 2007

    Thanks Mike,

    I downloaded it.

    The version I downloaded had a few coding problems and the interface didn’t work the way I would have wanted, so I rewrote it, and while not yet perfect, it definitely provides me with the solution I was looking for.

    (I also had rent some virtual space on a Linux server with PHP for it to run on).

    You can see it run here: http://jump2.webadsisrael.com/?renegade.forum

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  3. renegade_mike on Aug 01, 2007

    Excellent. Glad that helped and you worked out a solution.

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