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Flash ad click tracking by 3rd party ad server

Asked by: Vlad 828 views User Questions

Hi Mike,

we found a bunch of tokens that we can use if we run through a 3rd party ad server, but which options do our publishers have if they use AdvertPRO as a 3rd party ad server itself?

We want to run several campaigns, where AdvertPRO will be used as a master server and our publishers’ ad servers will be using code generated by AdvertPRO. Basically we faced problems when running flash banners using this way. As we understand publisher creates an HTML media on their ad server to wrap the code generated by AdvertPRO. This way they can track views through their ad server as well. But task complicates when they need to track clicks as well. Click tracking is done in AdvertPRO using ClickTAG parameter of a flash banner. As we understand when visitors click on a banner they are directed to AdvertPRO first and the AdvertPRO redirects them to an advertiser’s site. So how can we add publisher’s ad server click tracking here? Does AdvertPRO has something like other ad servers have: 3rd party tracking pixel support or a special parameter to add to generated scripts in order to generate request to a provided URL so that another ad server track a click/action?

Regards, Vlad.

5 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Sep 04, 2007

    AdvertPRO supports third-party click tracking and documentation on that can be found here:


    Basically the publisher just needs to add &cturl=%%CLICKTAG%% to the end of the URLs in any <SCRIPT>, <IFRAME>, or <A> tags in the code. For other ad servers the %%CLICKTAG%% token will be different. However, it should ideally be replaced with an encoded/escaped click tracking URL (though an unencoded one will work in most cases).

    Other tokens are available, which you can see a list of if you click on the (?) icon above the Local HTML Content field on the media attributes screen where you input the code.

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  2. Vlad on Sep 07, 2007

    Thanks Mike for your answer.
    This is exactly what we need.
    Although I should point that putting this article among other 3rd party servers was not a good idea. That is why we didn’t see it. Maybe it would be reasonable to create a separate section describing that in your help manual, because right now “AdvertPRO” article is lost from view among other articles in “Third Party Click Tracking” section and noone actually needs to read how to integrate all sort of other servers with AdvertPRO to find how to do the opposite stuff just by chance there ;-)

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  3. renegade_mike on Sep 07, 2007

    Yes, I agree, we should either move it to the integration chapter or at least link to it from there.

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  4. Vlad on Sep 10, 2007

    Hi again Mike.

    There is another issue with the solution you provided. Basically it doesn’t do what it intends to do. Seems like AdvertPRO incorrectly parses the URL. I will provide you with the URL of our test page in a private message, so that you can take a look yourself. This is really an urgent issue, because it has negative effect on our business.

    Regards, Vlad.

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  5. renegade_mike on Sep 10, 2007

    I just responded to your private message.

    For the benefit of other users, it should be noted that the URL supplied via the cturl parameter should expect the actual redirect URL will be appended to it. This is so the third party server knows the URL of the advertisers site to redirect to after it does its own tracking. You can handle this easily by leaving an open parameter at the end of the URL you supply for the cturl parameter, i.e. http://www.example.com/tracking?redirect=

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