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Competing with Self

Asked by: StephenL 355 views User Questions

Here is something strange that happened.

We have a new site “A” where we are running only 1 ad (with a Keyword for targeting).

On the new site “A” the ad would display, and then not display again for a few seconds after an immediate refresh, instead showing the default ad, which is not what we wanted.

I tried changing different variables.

I have the self-competition set to ‘on’ for this advertiser as he has multiple size ads that run on multiple zones on other sites.

It turns out that when I changed Competitors Conflict time to 1 second (in Basic Settings) from 10 seconds this problem disappeared.

What will keeping the setting at 1 second really affect?

What will happen on pages with multiple zones, will competitor (or self competitor) ads potentially be displayed or blocked?

What is the “right” number to keep it at?

Is there an alternative/better solution to changing this number for this problem?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Oct 10, 2007

    The timeout is only used if a visitor keeps refreshing the same page. Well, to be more correct, it could be a group of up to 3 pages. You should realize that a normal visitor probably isn’t going to do this. For that reason the default 10 second timeout works pretty good, but I wouldn’t set it any lower than 3-5 seconds. You could have an issue with visitors not being able to load all of the ads on a page within 1 second.

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