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2 Answers

SWF with Text – Text doesn't show up

Asked by: Abraham 615 views User Questions

I received a SWF from an advertiser that has a static graphical part and a text part. When I preview the file through flash on my computer it works and looks fine, but through the AdvertPro system the text doesn’t show up at all. The graphic is fine however. Any ideas?



2 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Oct 31, 2007

    It’s probably a transparency issue with the background color. Try removing the value from the Background Color field, which is down and to the right from the Movie URL field. The background color embedded in the SWF file will then be used — it’s overridden if you specify a background color in the media settings.

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  2. Abraham on Oct 31, 2007

    That was it – thank you for the quick response.

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