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3 Answers

Multiple Tag Targeting

Asked by: malden 499 views API / Integration

We have some pages on our site that will be pulling 2 or more keywords on a page and we want to be able to serve ads that have ALL of those keywords pulled.

Outside of setting the keywords up as “beaches sand starfish”, which I see works, is there another way if the campaign has all 3 of those that the code on the site can specify the ALL?

3 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Nov 16, 2007

    You can require a keyword match by prefixing it with a plus symbol. To require all of them, simply do that with each keyword: “+beaches +sand +starfish”

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  2. malden on Nov 16, 2007

    Understood, but of big concern is having to account for all possibilities of tag combinations (“beaches sand starfish” “starfish sand beaches”, etc, etc). Note our website will be structured based on 200+ tag terms, so multiply those by each to get the number of possible tag combinations.

    So, I was hoping there was a solution if the campaign had terms “beaches”, “sand” and “starfish” that there was a way that the invocation code on the web page for the beaches sand page would pull that campaign since it has both of the keywords being called, but ignore any campaign that only has “sand” or only has “beaches”.

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  3. renegade_mike on Nov 17, 2007

    No, the ad server doesn’t do any ranking between the campaigns if one matches more keywords than another.

    You could put the pluses on the keywords that are entered in the campaign targets. They work there too. However, if you require all three keywords, they must all be present for that campaign to match. It won’t be a match if only one or two of them are searched for.

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