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Changing the Redirect Domain URL

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I control adverts that are served by advertpro on a server on ads.mysite.com. The ads are served across multiple country domains with each domain (e.g .com, .ie, .de) having a different site, but being controled by the same advertpro instance hosted on ads.mysite.com. Currently I create a seperate region and seperate campaign and separate banner (using the clickTag method) for each country (even through the banner might be the same), simply because the Redirect URL field needs to direct to the correct country site. is there a way of dynamically changing the Redirect URL field to go to the correct domain dependant on the site that the user clicked on (e.g if the user is in mysite.ie then the url would be mysite.ie/[link])

Hope this convoluted explanation makes sense to someone :rolleyes: The site is written in php by the way.

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jan 03, 2008

    Yes, AdvertPRO does have a way to pass variables into the redirect.

    What you can do is append the following to the end of every URL in the AdvertPRO zone code in your pages:

    <br />&echo=country&country=USA<br />

    And then you could define the country variable in the Redirect URL like this:

    <br />mysite.ie/%%COUNTRY%%<br />

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