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5 Answers

short 'on click' field

Asked by: friend_me 510 views User Questions

Dear Sir,
we’d like to ask about the ability to increase the number of characters for the ‘on click’ field found at media scripting section.
most of times we have longer URL, could you fix this plz

thanks in advance

5 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 12, 2008

    Can you explain why you are using the onClick field for a URL rather than the Redirect URL field? An example would also be useful in giving this consideration.

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  2. friend_me on May 15, 2008

    because the Redirect url field needs to have “http://www” at its begining, while we need to start with “window.open” to show a certain pop up window with specific dimensions and attributes.

    is our purpose clear now?


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  3. renegade_mike on May 15, 2008

    Yes, thank you for the additional information. We will make this change for the next release of AdvertPro.

    Until then, one way you could make this work now is to put the URL for the new window into the Redirect URL field and then use following for the OnClick field:

    <br />window.open(this.href); return false;<br />

    This uses the variable this.href to retrieve the URL from the href attribute of the <A> tag and the return false; part at the end makes sure the click isn’t processed twice (the href would still be executed with a true return value).

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  4. thomashvitstein on May 16, 2008

    One of my customers wanted me to do a mailto command when users where clicking on the advertise. But because the url field doesn’t allow that, they had to code the mailto directly in a flash banner and then we could not count clicks on that media. So I will welcome this change.

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  5. renegade_mike on May 16, 2008

    Older versions of AdvertPro did not allow anything but http or https links, but newer versions do support mailto.

    Maybe they had an old version or didn’t use the correct syntax?

    <br />mailto:user@domain.com<br />

    Is the correct syntax and will work in any Redirect URL or ClickTAG URL field.

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