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Even distribution

Asked by: Thomas Hvitstein 582 views User Questions

A customer has three campaigns in one zone. Campaign A is set to deliver 1 mill until next month. Campaign B and C are in a lower chain because they are going to get rest of the views. But they don’t get any views at all. The first campaign are configure to deliver even distribution.

I’ve got acces to their controlpanel and I’ve tried to decrease the number of views to deliver. If I decrease it enough campaign B and C gets all the views and the statistic of campaign A does not increase. Is there any reasonable explanation to this? Or is it a reason to worry?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 16, 2008

    If B and C are in a lower chain, they will only be delivered at instants when the delivery threshold of A is satisfied. Probably A is trying to deliver more daily impressions than the zone can support if B and C are never showing. Do B and C show no impressions in the reports? You should check the reports rather than trying to see them on the site because it can be difficult to ever see them if only a small percentage of impressions are yieled to B and C.

    It may work better to place all three campaigns in the same chain and run A at a higher priority. That way A will still get the bulk of the impressions, but it will be guaranteed that B and C get some minimum percentage of them. For example, if you give A a priority of 20 and B and C each a priority of 1, then A will get up to 90% and B and C will get a minimum of 5% each of the total impressions to the zone(s). However, you do run the risk of A under delivering a little if you do this, so you may have to give it some extra days to run at the end.

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