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Feature Request – Master Campaigns

Asked by: StephenL 435 views Feature Requests

How about this feature?

A Master Campaign which consists of sub-campaigns of different sizes (same advertiser).

The server selects the right-sized campaign from the selected available list (just like a campaign has media) from the specific Publisher/Zone request.

The Master Campaign would have a global delivery capping for the entire campaign, and a subcampaign table for relative (or absolute) weights/percents/absolute numbers.

This way I wouldn’t have to run separate campaigns for each different zone size campaigns for the same advertiser campaign.

(But if there is a way to do this today, please tell me).

In the Campaign definition you would select either Master, Sub or Normal.
A Normal Campaign would look the same as now.
A Master Campaign would show all the available Zone sizes and have an extra tab for selecting/weighting the included campaigns.
A Sub Campaign would look the same as today, except that you don’t select individual zones and you can add it to a specific Master campaign.

What do you think?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 16, 2008

    We’re considering implementing something like this in the next update, or the one after it.

    The first part of it is implementing a multi-flight system for campaigns. You will set up a campaign normally as you do now and it will create an initial flight. Then you can go in and add additional flights to each campaign and those flights will be able to override settings of the campaign if need be. It’s also a new way to handle re-scheduling of campaigns if an advertiser renews them.

    We’re also looking at allowing multiple non-similar banner sizes in the same flights to handle cases where you want to have them share the same limits.

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