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2 Answers

Pop Under Code

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We used to use “Ad Cycle” code to add a pop under to our sites that would bring up one of our specified sites. There wouldn’t be a banner or any type of ad it was embedded into the footer of the website and when anybody visited the website the other website we specified would automatically pop under. Does advertpro have this feature and anything similar we could use to have this same type of functionality?


2 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jun 20, 2008

    Yes, create a new zone and select Window for the media type.

    Then create a media for each of your web sites, selecting Popunder for the type. In the last step of the new media wizard, you will put the URL of the web site into the External HTML Content URL field. Optionally you can configure the appearance of the window (hide toolbars, fullscreen, etc…) as well.

    Once the media are set up, you will need a campaign for each to assign them to your zone. You will probably want to set up view frequency caps on them. You’ll see those in the wizard under Delivery Capping in the Delivery Options step.

    Finally, go to the code wizard and click on Window Code > HTML in the navigation menu on the left to generate code for your zone. The best option is to have the popunder open when someone clicks on a link in the page, which circumvents popup blockers. Place the generated code right before the tag in your page — it doesn’t have to go there, but that’s the best place to put it so it doesn’t slow down loading of your page at all.

    One other option you might like is global capping for windows. This allows you to cap all popups across your site no matter how many zones you have running. For example, you can set a global cap of 1 per day and cap each individual campaign at 1 per week so returning visitors would see a unique popup every day of the week. You can set that global capping up by going to Settings > Basic > Server under the Window Capping section.

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  2. FLN on Jun 21, 2008

    I greatly appreciate the quick response and additional help. It worked perfectly!:)

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