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1 Answers

Problems with roadblocks

Asked by: Thomas Hvitstein 622 views User Questions

I have problems with getting the roadblock to work on a customers website.
In advertiser => roadblock I have been setting up the campaigns and the according zones I want them to be displayed in at the same time. But out on their site there are still other campaigns apaering in the roadblocked zones. Is there any known bugs in this feature? Or could it be something I have forgotten to set up?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Aug 25, 2008

    Do the campaigns that make up the roadblock all appear together? That is basically all the roadblock feature does. It does not give the roadblock 100% priority all of the time, so other campaigns can still rotate in the zones but when they do none of the campaigns from the roadblock will appear on the page.

    If you want the roadblock to take 100% priority then you should place the campaigns in a higher chain in the zone.

    It is also important that the campaigns in the roadblock have the same limits and targets set on them. Differing targets on the campaigns would prevent them from appearing together.

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