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1 Answers

Targeting Priority

Asked by: StephenL 440 views User Questions

If I created 2 campaigns exactly the same for the the same publisher zone (uneven distribution), but one campaign was geotargeted for North America (the other no geotareting). Would that campaign receive a higher priority from all entries from NA?

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Nov 09, 2008

    The targeting has no impact on that. Both campaigns would rotate according to their actual priority since they each are valid for North America. One of two things can be done if you want the targeted campaign to take all of the North America impressions. Either place it in a higher chain or you could also set geo-targeting to be an exclusive target for the zone, but only do that if you want all geo-targeted campaigns in the zone to take on that behavior (which is equivalent to placing them all in the highest chain automatically).

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